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Buy 24 Inch Cycle From Geekay Bikes - The Ideal Cycle For All Your Needs

At Geekay Bikes, we understand that selecting the right bicycle for your needs can be a difficult task. That's why we have created our comprehensive 24 inch cycle collection – a range of bikes designed to offer quality, performance and comfort for a variety of riders. Whether you're an experienced cyclist looking for a light, fast and efficient bike or just starting out on your cycling journey, you'll find the perfect ride in this selection. 

From lightweight road bikes to burly mountain bikes, every 24 inch bike in our range has been designed with superior materials and components to provide reliable performance that lasts for years. Whether you want to cruise along the pavement or tackle rugged terrain off-road, these versatile cycles will help you reach your cycling goals.

Mountain Bikes

Our range of mountain bikes is built to conquer rough trails and off-road adventures. These bikes feature full-suspension designs to give you extra control and improved handling on uneven ground, as well as larger tyres for better traction over obstacles. You can also find men's bikes with frames made from lightweight but strong materials like steel that can handle bumps and jumps while still staying comfortable enough to enjoy long rides outdoors.

Some of the 24 inch cycles available at Geekay Bikes are:

  • HOTROD 3.0

    GEEKAY HOTROD offers everything required for a comfortable and hassle-free cycling experience. With its superior fat tire and suspension fork, it guarantees the best possible cycling experience. The design of the bike is focused on ensuring your safety and providing you with maximum comfort. 

    Features of the bike include a heavy-duty carbon steel frame that can withstand heavy usage, a powerful suspension fork with a 100mm travel capacity, an extra-wide 3.0 rubber tire for better grip, mechanical dual disc brakes for increased safety, and an eye-catching multi-color graphic design.


    If you plan on riding on bumpy ground at any speed, make sure to select the Geekay ELITE. It has an ideal combination of durability and lightness, making it the new standard for top-notch performance. 

    Its features include an extremely lightweight carbon steel MTB frame, a strong dual disc brake for rapid stopping, a smooth single speed drivetrain, rust-resistant double wall alloy rims, and a sporty MTB saddle with a quick release.


    For those who enjoy outdoor exploration, this innovative bicycle with a single-speed and lightweight design is ideal. Its stylish appearance makes it suitable for both everyday riding and weekend adventures within the city and beyond. It's perfect for any fashion-conscious cyclist who wants top-notch quality.

    Featuring a super sleek low frame and MTB steel frame, as well as powerful dual disc brakes for quick stops, it boasts a smooth single speed drivetrain. The bike also has rust proof double wall alloy rims and Rolltech bearing technology in the BB sets for a comfortable, smooth ride.

We also offer various other mountain bikes which you can check out, such as geekay geometry bikes, swag, hashtag and more.  These bikes come in multiple colors as well as wheel sizes.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are the way to go for those looking to explore urban areas on two wheels or get into competitive cycling. These bikes have thin tyres and a lighter frame, allowing them to pick up speed quickly so you can make the most out of each journey. With efficient gears and reliable brakes that can slow you down when necessary, road bikes offer superior control whether you're taking sharp turns or making sudden stops in traffic.

Commuter Bikes

If your goal is to get around town efficiently while having fun at the same time, commuter bicycles might be just what you need. Our 24 inch bicycle collection includes city cycles equipped with large front racks that can store everyday items such as bags or groceries without taking up too much space on board the bike. They also feature upright seating positions and relaxed steering angles so you can pedal without having to lean too far forward.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bicycles bring together features from both mountain bikes and road bikes in one ride, so you don't have to choose between comfort and performance if neither meets all of your needs perfectly. With features such as high clearance frames, puncture-resistant tyres and even built-in headlights depending on the model – hybrid cycles are designed with convenience in mind so that anyone from occasional riders to weekend warriors can make their rides smoother than ever before!

24 Inch Cycle Price List




₹ 6,549

Hotrod 3.0

₹ 10,735

Y-King Rigid Fork

₹ 9,911

Y-King Suspension Fork

₹ 10,676


₹ 9,545


₹ 7,429


₹ 12,495


Why Buy 24 Inch Cycle From Geekay Bikes?

Geekay Bikes offers the perfect solution for anyone looking for the best 24 inch cycle including single speed cycles. With its light frame and reliable components, the bike is ideal for children and teenagers alike. In addition, the suspension helps absorb the bumps in any terrain, while its low-profile tires allow smooth rides on even the roughest terrains.

In addition, the overall quality of Geekay Bikes' 24 inch cycle makes them worth every penny spent. Each bike is built to last with careful attention to detail and made from quality materials that ensure a longer lifespan for the product. Not only do our gear bicycles look good, but they are also incredibly functional. The variety of options available makes it easy to find a cycle that fits any rider's specific needs and riding style.

Overall, Geekay Bikes offers excellent value for money when it comes to purchasing a 24 inch bicycle. With high-quality products backed by exceptional customer service, shoppers can trust that their investment will be a lasting one.


Q. What type of 24 inch cycle is right for me?

A. Not necessarily. Many 24 inch cycles have the same design and components as larger cycles, so the ride experience will be similar. The biggest difference between 24 inch cycles and larger sizes is the increased manoeuvrability, so it's easy to learn and handle.

Q. Are 24 inch cycles safe for riding?

A. Yes, 24 inch cycles can be as safe as any other cycle as long as they are properly maintained and used according to the manufacturer's instructions. Always wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road while riding your 24 inch cycle.

Q. How often should I maintain my 24 inch cycle?

A. Regular maintenance is essential to ensure your 24 inch cycle stays safe and performs as expected. Depending on how much you use the cycle, you should clean, inspect and lubricate your cycle at least once every 3 months. Additionally, it’s important to check your tires regularly for signs of wear or damage.

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