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Comprehensive Warranty Policy for Geekay Bikes

General Provisions

  • Product Range: Applies to Geekay electric bikes, regular bicycles, and electric bicycle conversion kits.
  • Dealer Network: Available through authorized Geekay dealers and our official website.
  • Warranty Activation: Product registration on the Geekay website within 15 days of purchase is mandatory for warranty activation.

Warranty Coverage

  • Electric Bikes:

    • Frame: Lifetime for aluminum, 7 years for steel.
    • Motor: 2 years, covering manufacturing defects.
    • Battery: 2 years, excluding misuse or improper maintenance.
    • Electronic Components: 6 months for controller, display, and sensors.
    • Mechanical Components: 6 months against manufacturing defects.
  • Regular Bicycles:

    • Frame: Lifetime for aluminum, 7 years for steel.
    • Mechanical Components: 6 months against manufacturing defects of handle, stem, hubs only.
  • Conversion Kits:

    • Motor and Controller: 18 months against manufacturing defects.
    • Battery: 18 months, excluding misuse and improper charging.

Warranty Exclusions

  • Damage from misuse, abuse, neglect, or accidents.
  • Normal wear and tear, modifications, or use of non-original parts.
  • Damage due to environmental conditions, improper storage, or chemical exposure.
  • Products used for competitive sports, stunts, or modifications for performance.

Claims and Repairs

  • Claims must be made through authorized Geekay dealers or by registering a complaint on the Geekay website.
  • Labour costs for warranty service are borne by the product owner.
  • Replacement parts are subject to availability; sourcing costs for unavailable parts are the owner's responsibility.
  • Proof of purchase and registration are required for warranty service.


  • Warranty is non-transferable and valid only for the original purchaser.
  • Excludes damage from natural calamities, rough handling, or unauthorized repairs.
  • The decision on warranty claims is at Geekay Bikes' discretion.

Battery and Storage

  • Covers manufacturing defects but excludes damage from power surges, water exposure, and negligence.
  • Follow battery storage guidelines to maintain warranty validity.

Legal and Miscellaneous

  • Warranty valid only in India and subject to change without notice.
  • All disputes are subject to jurisdiction in the headquarters of Geekay Bikes.
  • Geekay Bikes is not liable for indirect or consequential damages.