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Shop Our Collection of Kids Bikes to Get Them Ready for the Road Ahead

Finding the right bike for your kid is a crucial step in their riding journey. Whether they are ready to take off on their first two wheels or upgrade to a more advanced set of wheels, Geekay Bikes has the perfect selection of kids cycles.

From Balance Bikes to Mountain Bikes: Help Your Child Find Their Perfect Fit

Balance bikes are the best way for young riders to start learning how to ride, with an easy transition from pushing and running, eventually coasting along and learning the fundamentals of bike riding. At Geekay Bikes, we offer a variety of balance bicycles for kids with adjustable seats, ideal for children aged 3 - 5.

Mountain bikes provide a higher level of performance for more adventurous rides. At Geekay Bikes, our range of mountain cycle for kids offers all kinds of options, from dual suspension to kids' mountain bike packages. Whether your kid is going out for a quick family ride or getting ready to tackle their first trailhead loop, our collection can handle it all.

Our Range of Kids Bikes

  • Bronte 20T Single-Speed Kids Bicycle : This bike is ideal for anyone who has issues finding a bike that is exactly their size because it has a comfortable seat height to accommodate any rider, steel frames, a robust fork, and calliper brakes.
  • Hotrod 3.0 Fat Tyre Kids Cycle : If you are looking for an ideal ride, Geekay Hotrod has everything you require. It sports the greatest fat tyre and suspension fork in its class for a comfortable cycling experience.
  • Geekay Trending Kids Bicycle : Your little adventurer may experience the star-studded feeling on this high-end children's bike. With its high-quality components, Geekay Trending is an excellent option for kids who like to explore new things. This bike is the best buddy for the young generation since it puts comfort and style first.

Getting Started with Kids Cycles

 Are you new to buying a bike for your child? No problem! We have put together some essential tips and guidelines for picking out the right bike for your little one.

  • Age Considerations
    Your child's age should be a major factor in deciding what bike is best. Balance bikes are perfect for toddlers aged 2 - 4. For kids aged 5 and up, there are many traditional bicycles with 12" to 20" wheels available, depending on their height and weight.

  • Size Matters
    Bicycles for kids are sized according to wheel size, not frame size as is the case with adult bikes. Generally speaking, 12-inch wheels are suitable for kids ages 2 to 4; 14-inch wheels are ideal for kids aged 4 to 6; 16-inch wheels work best for 5 to 9 years old; and 20-inch wheels will fit those aged 8 and older. We can help you determine the correct size bike based on your child's height and riding ability.
  • Additional Features
    It's also important to consider other features like handlebar shape, seat material, suspension type (if any), brakes, pedals and more when making your selection. We carry a variety of gear cycles for kids that feature top-quality components like steel frames, front suspension forks, dual hand brakes and more so you can feel confident about choosing the suitable ride for your little one.

Geekay Bikes Will Equip Your Kid with The Right Bike

Geekay Bikes provides the highest-caliber cycles for kids, which we are proud of. We know that finding the perfect small bike for your kid is an important decision. Our efficient team members can answer any questions you may have about sizes or features so that you make an informed purchase decision. Shop our collection of children's cycles at affordable prices and let them experience the joys of riding outdoors!


Q. What sizes of kids’ bikes are available?

A. We offer a variety of kids bikes from 12” to 20” wheel sizes. The selection varies from traditional kids' bikes, mountain bikes and BMX-style bikes.

Q. What is the age range of the kids’ bikes?

A. Our kids’ bike collection is suitable for ages 3 - 10 years old, depending on the size you choose. For example, our 12” wheel size bikes are ideal for children aged 3-4 and our 16” wheels suit riders aged 4-7 years old. 

Q. How do I choose the right size bike for my child?

A. We recommend you measure your child’s inseam length (distance between floor and crotch) before purchasing to ensure they get the correct size frame that fits them properly and provides maximum control while riding.

Q. Are safety features included?

A. Safety is paramount for us and all the kids’ bikes we stock include a number of standard safety features including reflectors on the pedals, spokes, wheel rims and handlebars; along with padded saddles, hand brakes and chain guards too.

Q. Is assembly required for the bike?

A. Yes! Each bike requires basic assembly when delivered but it is a relatively simple process with our detailed instruction manual that comes included with every purchase. Alternatively, if you are not confident with assembling it yourself, you can ask for expert help and advice.

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