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Finding the perfect electric cycle kit can be a difficult task. But at Geekay Bikes, our selection of electric bike kits makes it easy to turn your standard bike into an electric-powered one in no time! We have an incredible selection of electric bicycle kits for a wide range of bikes and budgets, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your ride.

Choosing the Right Electric Bike Conversion Kit for You

We know that not all electric bicycles are equal – which is why we offer a diverse range of options when choosing the right e-bicycle kit for your bike. Our Geekay electric cycle kits come in all shapes and sizes – from simple "plug-and-play" designs to advanced powertrain systems. All our products are designed with performance and durability in mind and come backed by our generous warranty policies. Regardless of your needs, Geekay Bikes has the perfect e-bike kit for you.

Do-It-Yourself E-Cycle Conversion Kits

Are you handy around the garage? If so, our DIY Geekay e-cycle kits may be just what you need! Our DIY e-bike kits with batteries come with everything you need to build an electric bike of your design – including a complete list of components and detailed instructions on assembling them into a fully functional e-bike. It's a great way to save money while getting creative!

Our Range Of Electric Cycle Conversion Kits And Accessories

  • 24V 250W Motor Kit : With the side motor kit and associated accessories, this cutting-edge and most significant power/torque performance 250 Watt PMDC (Permanent Magnet DC Motor) will enable you to assemble an electric engine quickly. This Geekay electric cycle kit with battery includes a strong motor and several extras, including a double-threaded hub, an "L" freewheel, copper motor winding, an 8-magnet Pedal Assist Sensor, and much more. With the help of this powerful electric bike conversion kit, make biking the most thrilling experience possible.
  •  Geekay BLDC Hub Motor Kits : With India's best electric cycle kits, you can turn any bicycle into an electric vehicle. The best electric bicycle kits on the market are the Geekay BLDC hub motor kits, which have high-performance parts and waterproof "Plug n Play" connections. They provide the best riding experience by unique, market-leading features, a powerful motor with high torque (45 nm), and a controller specifically built for Indian riding conditions.
  • Coty Hub Motor Conversion Kit : You can get by with just this Coty hub motor conversion kit instead of replacing the entire wheel. For your old cycle, this electric cycle kit is the ideal update. It has a plug-and-play design, making installation simple. You'll be riding more quickly and smoothly than ever with the full throttle.
  • Geekay 24V 2 AMP Li-ion Charger : The Geekay 24V 2 AMP Li-ion Charger is perfect for your electric bike. This charger offers high-speed charging with efficient energy conversion, ensuring that your electric bike will be ready to ride whenever you are. Furthermore, with an intelligent design and integrated temperature control, this charger is the ideal companion for your electric bike!
  • 36V Lithium-Ion Battery for Electric Bikes : The 36V Lithium-Ion Battery is an excellent choice to power your bike. This rechargeable battery has high performance and a long run time with each charge. In addition, it is designed to fit most electric bicycles, making it easy to upgrade or replace existing batteries. Plus, its lightweight design won't weigh you down as you enjoy your ride! So get ready for a more powerful and efficient electric biking experience.

Get Help with Your Purchase 

At Geekay Bikes, we believe that customer service is just as important as product quality. That's why we have a dedicated team of experts who can answer any questions or advice you about choosing the best conversion kit for your needs. Contact us today – we'd love to help get you up and running with an electric bike of your very own!

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Make the switch today and upgrade your regular bicycle into an electric-powered machine with ease by ordering one of our electric bicycle conversion kits today!


Q. What is an e-conversion kit?

A. An e-conversion kit is a type of device that converts traditional bicycles into electric bikes. The kit consists of a battery, motor, throttle, and all the necessary wiring components to make the bike run on electric power. 

Q. How do I know if my bike is compatible with an e-conversion kit?

A. The best way to determine whether your bike is compatible with an e-conversion kit is to check the size and shape of the wheel and axle dimensions. Measurements should be compared against those given in the manufacturer's specification guide.

Q. Can I install an e-conversion kit myself?

A. In most cases, yes. The installation process for an e-conversion kit requires some mechanical know-how and tools but it can typically be done at home without the need for professional help. However, if you have any doubts, it's best to consult a mechanic for assistance or take the bike to a qualified bicycle shop for proper installation. 

Q. What type of batteries are used in e-conversion kits?

A. Most modern kits come with either lithium-ion or lead acid batteries depending on their intended use. Both types offer different benefits when it comes to range, speed, weight and price point - so consider your needs before making your selection. 

Q. What kind of maintenance is required for my e-converted bike? 

A. As with all electronic components, it’s important to regularly inspect the electrical connections and other components on your bike to ensure they’re secure and free from damage or wear and tear over time. Regular maintenance should also include keeping the battery charged between rides as well as cleaning both electrical contacts as often as needed (approximately once every few months).