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Geekay Bikes: Home of the Best Mountain Bikes

Whether you're looking to blaze a trail down an intense single track, take on rugged terrain, or just cruise around town and explore the outdoors, Geekay Bikes has you covered. Our collection of mountain bikes is handpicked for those seeking the next big thrill. No matter what type of riding you're into, whether it be casual or competitive, we have a bike that is perfect for you. With a wide selection of sizes, styles and colours to choose from, you can find the perfect bike that fits your individual needs. In addition, we carry only the best quality MTB bikes crafted by experienced professionals who deeply understand how to create premium products.

Choose Your Adventure With Our Mountain Bicycles

You can take your adventure to new heights with a mountain cycle! Explore nature, find experience and challenge yourself with this two-wheeled machine. Tackle rocky trails and mud pits, or just ride through a scenic landscape – the possibilities are endless. From rugged trails to unpredictable weather, a mountain bike needs to be up for any challenge that comes its way. Here at Geekay Bikes, we've carefully selected a range of models that provide maximum durability and manoeuvrability while being tailored to specific terrains and riders. So grab your gear, pick out your route and prepare for the ultimate outdoor experience with a mountain bike!

Hardtails & Full-Suspension Models

Hardtail models are the most versatile choice for mountain biking, offering the perfect combination of responsiveness and performance in even the most extreme conditions. If you're looking for a smoother ride on uneven surfaces, check out our full-suspension models, which feature dual-suspension technology, ideal for shock absorption during your most challenging descents.

Our Range Of Mountain Bikes

  • Hashtag ZXR 1.0 Single-Speed MTB Bicycle : One of the most fun forms of exercise is cycling. The Geekay Hashtag ZXR is designed so skillfully that it will withstand all your riding requirements. As a result, you can count on receiving the best riding conditions and peace of mind.
  • Bronte Single-Speed MTB Bicycle : The ideal bike for everyone, Geekay Bronte MTB mountain cycle is for anyone who has had problems finding a bike that is precisely their size because it has steel frames, a robust fork, calliper brakes, and a suitable seat height to support any rider.
  • Laux Single-Speed & 21-Speed Cycle : The Geekay Laux is ideal for commuting, touring, or any ride. Designed for riders looking for a low-maintenance, long-lasting bike, it has mechanical disc brakes and a durable steel frame to last through thick and thin. In addition, our dual disc brakes have coasting characteristics for gearing, allowing you to cruise down the road easily. Our 21-gear mountain bike is designed for off-road riding and features 21 gears, allowing for a wide range of speeds and the ability to tackle various types of terrain. This variant of mountain bike is available in single speed and multi speed. Single speed mountain bikes have only one gear, while multi-speed mountain bikes have multiple gears which can be changed to suit the terrain.
  • Geekay Hashtag Single-Speed MTB : Our most popular Geekay Hashtag MTB cycle with an athletic frame is exactly what you need. It is ideal for casual or style-conscious cyclists. In addition, it is portable and light enough to carry anywhere.
  • Geekay Geometry XL Cycle (26-inch) : The best fat bike is the Geometry XL. This bike's performance is unparalleled thanks to its light alloy frame, mechanical dual disc brakes, and 26" plus-sized 4" tyres! You'll adore its simple-to-use gearing system and light, snappy powertrain, which are ideal for off-road use.
  • Hotrod 3.0 Single-Speed MTB Bicycle : If you’re looking for the ideal ride for your adventures, Geekay Hotrod MTB mountain bike has everything you require. It features the most advanced fat tyre & suspension fork in its class for the best cycling experience. It is the best bike for a safe and comfortable riding experience.

The Best in Quality & Support

At Geekay Bikes, we believe in giving customers the best possible experience. From quality components to dependable support, you can always count on us when shopping for your mountain bicycle. Our team is always available to answer any questions or provide tips on choosing the right bike and gear based on your unique needs.

Ready to Take on The Trails?

It's time to equip yourself with an unbeatable machine! Browse through our collection of top-rated mountain bike cycles at affordable prices now, and let us help prepare you for a wild ride.


Q. What is the difference between mountain bikes and other types of bicycles?

A. Mountain bikes are designed to be more rugged and versatile than traditional road or commuter bikes. They have wider tires, more suspension, sturdier frames, and a lower gear ratio for better climbing capabilities, all of which make them suitable for navigating trails and tackling difficult terrain. 

Q. Are mountain bikes good for beginners?

A. Mountain biking is great for beginners! Many models offer a comfortable upright riding position with good stability to give you confidence on the trails. Plus, they're typically outfitted with wider tires that can better absorb bumps and jumps than traditional road or hybrid bikes.

Q. Do I need suspension for my mountain bike?

A. Most entry-level mountain bikes feature suspension forks to help reduce vibrations and impacts when riding off-road. That said, if you plan to do mostly easy flat terrain riding, you may not need full suspension on your bike – saving you money in the process! 

Q. What features should I look for when buying a mountain bike?

A. When shopping for a new mountain bike, it's important to consider your specific needs. Some things to keep in mind include frame size, wheel size (typically 26" or 29"), suspension travel (100mm-200mm+), and components like brakes and shifters. Additionally, make sure the bike fits you properly and provides a comfortable ride quality.
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