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How to choose the best kids' bike



Every parent expects the best for their kids and so do we. Our first goal starts with the kid’s safety, and to provide the best level of comfort experience from the first day of kids cycle ride. As we all say, kids are tough and they aren’t easy on their bikes. We have built kids cycle to be tough.



Quality Bike, Quality Experience

Think about quality investment! While making the purchase of children cycles, think about investing in a quality bike as this can be a major investment that requires a bit of research. All our bikes are especially projected by the engineers and designed by the certified people who promises to build quality kids cycle in India. Just remember, the child cycle you get for your elder kid should be re-owned by your younger kid too.

What size fits your kid the best?

It’s quite easy to make a choice when the size part comes. But for a kid, child cycle is sized differently than an adult bike. Usually, cycle for kid’s range in wheel size from ‘14-20’.

The kid bikes are enhanced in terms of fit and performance level but also depend on the standover height and seatpost heights of a bike which can vary drastically.

In addition to wheel size, the other factors also have an impact on driving your decision. Children cycles should include the color/style of a bike, training wheel compatibility, brake type, gearing feature, and its class.


Training wheels for more comfortability

Each one of us learned to ride a bike on training wheels. Isn’t it? Even the professional cyclists did. To make kids more comfortable on a bike, training wheels are the best choice amongst anything else. Kids who lack balance or too big for a balance bike, Geekay offers kids cycles models with removable training wheels. These wheels help your kid to understand and learn about balancing on a bike.


Brakes play a major role


Kids can easily play with pedals if they have a good balancing skill. For younger people, most bikes are designed with easy-to-use braking features, which form basis for child safety to keep control of child cycle using their feet aggressively for acceleration.

Hand brakes are specially designed according to the grip of a child’s hand and safety as it makes easier for a child to use hand brakes with ease.


What about gears in a kid’s bike?

A kid’s bike with gear is a great choice! Don’t just think about a simple small cycle for kids with an easy-riding option. Make your child more versatile with bike gears as this will allow your child to participate in tough longer rides. Kids who are passionate about bicycle riding and want to have a daily run-walk with their friends, needs a bike with great versatility and this comes only with gears.


Is It Only a bike?

Of Course not! Safety measures are to be remembered always.

Undoubtedly, Geekay kids cycle models give your child a great riding experience and freedom to travel, but always offer safety accessories along. A helmet is a necessity of every rider whether it’s a simple kids bicycle, a geared bike or a motorbike. Whenever your kid moves out from a house on a bike, you should ask a kid to wear a helmet as a safety precaution.

Sometimes roads are very rough and there is a chance that your kid’s bike can get damaged. To keep your kid riding life easier, a pump and some spare tubes to fix it, a bell or a horn on a bike to avoid mis-happenings, gloves for a longer ride, and a comfortable set of shoes/pedals to be smooth on roads.

Well, this all starts with a supportive teacher or a parent. Kids are too small to make the right choices and this is the most important role of a parent or a supporter to make the right choice. Whenever you think of doing kids cycle online shopping, buy the best cycle and give the finest experience to your child for longer riding life.

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