17 Road Cycles Under 10000: Your Budget-Friendly Ride

Are you looking for an affordable road bicycle under 10000? You need not look any further. We have compiled a list of the seventeen best road cycles, prioritising performance and quality without breaking the budget. There are disc brake-equipped city cycles and mountain bicycles to suit the needs of every budget-conscious rider. The world of budget road bikes awaits you.

Top 5 Road Cycles under 10000

1. Addiction 24T

The Addiction 24T is a budget-friendly and high-quality entry-level road bike. It is constructed with a robust steel frame to withstand the challenges of urban commuting. The versatility provided by the 24T gear configuration makes it an excellent option for both pace and comfort riders. It's a great value for the money, costing under 10000 at ₹6,199.

2. Hashtag ZXR

The Hashtag ZXR is a budget road bicycle designed for those who demand a lightweight and agile ride. Its aluminium frame keeps the weight down, making it a perfect choice for urban commuters. The bike has a 21-speed gear system, ensuring a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. The Hashtag ZXR is a versatile choice for city cycling enthusiasts.

3. Hashtag 26

The Hashtag 26 is an additional Hashtag series treasure that combines performance and affordability. Built with 26-inch rims, this road bicycle prioritises manoeuvrability. Disc brakes and a 21-speed transmission guarantee effective control and stopping force. The Hashtag 26 is a viable option if you're on a budget and desire a vehicle with responsive handling, costing you around ₹7,899. Our Hashtag series also offers electric bicycles for under 30000.

4. Addiction 27.5T

The Addiction 27.5T is a step from its 24T counterpart, offering larger wheels for better stability and control. This road bike is well-suited for riders who prefer a comfortable and efficient ride for city commuting. The 27.5T gear configuration allows you to easily conquer various terrains, making it a reliable choice for budget-conscious cyclists under ₹6,699.

5. Carlos

On a budget, the Carlos road cycle is a timeless option for those in search of performance and simplicity. Its dependable construction and streamlined appearance make it an excellent choice for city travel. With the bike's 21-speed gearbox, you can effortlessly traverse both precipitous inclines and straightaways. The Carlos proceed at ₹6,799 strikes an excellent balance between affordability and practicality.

Now, let's explore the full list of road cycles under 10000:

From urban cyclists to those in search of electrified bicycles and disc brakes, these inexpensive road bikes accommodate a wide range of preferences. Listed in the table below are the model names and their corresponding prices, which will assist you in selecting the vehicle that best suits your requirements and the best affordable road bike.

List of Road Bike Under 10000



Addiction 26T ₹6,499
Addiction 24T ₹6,199
Hashtag ZXR ₹6,489
Hashtag 26 ₹7,899
Addiction 27.5T ₹6,699
Senorita ₹7,498
Carlos 26T ₹7,099
CARLOS 24T ₹6,799
Sturdy 26T ₹7,625
Carlos 27.5T ₹7,299
Senorita 26T ₹7,753
Sturdy 24T ₹7,455
Hashtag 27.5T ₹8,299
Elegant 26T ₹8,348
Hashtag 29T ₹8,399
Swag 24T ₹9,070
Swag 26T ₹9,325
To sum up, getting a trustworthy and affordable road cycle under 10000 or even a road bike below 20k isn't easy. It is always important to consider reliable retailers like Geekay Bikes. Where you can choose the one that best meets your requirements and budget out of a wide range of options, these models are some of the best road cycle under 10000 that offers exceptional value for money, whether you are a fitness enthusiast, a city commuter, or simply someone seeking a cost-effective method to enjoy cycling. Choose the one road bike cycle under 10000 that suits your riding preferences and experience the exhilaration of cycling while preserving your financial resources. There is no longer any reason to delay your cycling excursions with budget-friendly options like these. Experience the liberation that can only be obtained with a high-quality road bicycle by hitting the road.

FAQs: Road Cycle Under 10000

Q. Are city cycles under 20000 with disc brakes available on Geekay Bikes?

A. You can find city cycles with disc brakes under the 20000 budget range. These road bicycles under 10000 or even 20000 are designed to provide efficient and reliable braking in urban environments, offering enhanced safety and control during your city commutes. We also have disc brake cycles under 10000 for your convenience.

Q. What should I look for when buying a budget road cycle?

A. When purchasing a budget road bike, consider factors such as frame material (aluminium or steel), gear configuration (number of speeds), wheel size, and features like disc brakes. It's important to choose a model that suits your specific riding needs and preferences.

Q. Are city bikes with disc brakes suitable for urban traffic conditions?

A. City bikes with disc brakes are well-suited for urban traffic conditions. The disc brakes provide superior stopping power and control, making them ideal for navigating congested city streets and ensuring safety during sudden stops.


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