Geekay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit: Unpacking the Components and Features

Are you tired of pedaling your traditional bicycle for long distances or uphill terrains? Do you want to upgrade to an electric bike without breaking the bank? Look no further than the Geekay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit. This affordable and high-quality geekay e-cycle kit allows you to convert your traditional bicycle into an electric one without having to buy an electric bicycle.

The Geekay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit comes with a variety of components that make your conversion as smooth and hassle-free as possible

The Geekay e-cycle kit includes the following parts:-

  • Motor- Geekay's geared hub motor systems are the most dependable and potent of all the electric bicycle (e-bike) systems that are presently available on the market, and they come equipped with all of the best-in-class features and excellent fits. You can also avail yourself of the option to choose a motor according to your preferences. In simpler words, a larger motor will provide more power, which is ideal for steep inclines or heavier riders, while a smaller motor may be suitable for flatter terrain or lighter riders.
  • Battery- The battery is also customizable, with options for different voltages and capacities. Higher voltages and capacities will provide more power and a longer range, while lower voltages and capacities may be more affordable but provide less power and a shorter range.
  • Waterproof wires- Geekay wires come with IP65 level water and dust protection and are rain and splashproof. Wires are high-quality copper and ensure minimum power loss and boost overall efficiency.
  • Full Throttle Grip with LCD display- Full throttle gives you additional power and activates the motor proportionally to the twist, regardless of whether you are pedalling or not to give you a fully electric ride, in case you are unable to pedal, require an immediate acceleration, or need additional assistance climbing a hill. Full throttle is standard on all Geekay electric products. When compared to the fingertip throttle or the half throttle, using full throttle is significantly more practical.
  • Light with inbuilt Horn- Geekay electric cycle kits come with high-power lights with built-in horns for the rider’s safety and convenience.
  • Dust Proof 12 magnet Pedal Assist (PAS)- A pedal assists sensor (PAS) signals the controller to run the motor providing a boost to your pedaling depending on the level of assistance you select while riding.
  • Alloy Brake Lever with auto motor cutoff sensors- Brake levers made of alloy and equipped with cut-off sensors come standard on Geekay Electric conversion packages. Whenever either of the brake levers is pressed, the power supply to the motor is immediately shut off. It is a double safety feature, one that guarantees the motor is not damaged while braking and the other that protects the driver in the event of an emergency stop.

The Geekay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit offers a high degree of personalization, making it possible for you to select the motor capacity, the type of battery, and other components that are optimal for your situation. This guarantees that you will receive an electric bike conversion kit that is suited to your particular tastes and requirements.

Even individuals with minimal to no prior experience working on bicycles or with electronics will have no trouble installing the package. Installation is a breeze thanks to the comprehensive nature of the electric motorcycle kit, which includes not only straightforward and simple instructions but also all of the necessary components. Because the electric cycle kit is compatible with such a broad variety of conventional bicycles, you'll be able to turn just about any bike into an electric bicycle using it.

The Geekay Electric Bicycle Conversion System is a much more cost-effective alternative to the purchase of a brand-new electric bike in comparison to other available choices. In addition, it enables you to keep riding the bike you already own, which may hold sentimental value for you or suit you like a glove while simultaneously transforming it into an electric bike.

The electric bike kit is good for the environment because it makes it possible for you to cut down on your personal carbon footprint by taking shorter journeys or making your commute by bicycle rather than by automobile. Electric bicycles release a fraction of the emissions that are produced by vehicles, making them a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

The Geekay Electric Bicycle Conversion System is built with longevity and dependability in mind from the ground up. Because the components included in the electric bike kit are of such high quality and were created to last, you can rest assured that your electric bike will be a dependable means of transportation that will serve you for many years to come. Geekay bikes also have a wide range of electric bikes like geekay eco bike pro, lite, max and many more. for you to check out.

To summarise, the Geekay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kit is a fantastic choice for anybody who is interested in transforming their standard bicycle into an electronic model. The e bike conversion kits are worth it for anyone who is interested in upgrading their transportation because it features components that can be customized, a simple installation process, an affordable price, environmental sustainability, and durability.

By deciding to go with the Geekay Electric Bicycle Conversion System, you won't have to go out and purchase a brand-new electric bicycle in order to reap the benefits of riding one.